Hello World…

It took a while but here I come … and hopefully this is the first of many trekking adventures. I look forward to the challenges and to be in constant awe of your majestic heights.

Family, Friends and Colleagues – Talofa.

Thank you for joining me on this journey…definitely a lifetime experience for a small island gal. I shall try to keep you all entertained along the way with my corned feet, blisters, scratches but minus the tears … however if I fail to meet your expectations it’ll be either due to the altitude or connectivity … not because I failed in IT or that I probably needed a rescue team … or perhaps all of the above.

As we continue on this journey – Together we embrace the great outdoors, discover new dreams, share adventures, learn, grow and be in a constant state of being … in total ‘contentment’ that I am exactly where I am meant to be!

As life progresses we evolve and at the same time try to adapt, to overcome the many bumps in the road. But as we solider on we are all at the mercy of the universe and the powers that be so there will always be external factors at play. However it is my humble belief that whatever the case may be, it should not prevent the body from embracing, the mind from dreaming, and the spirit from soaring.

So in the spirit of sharing the dream has always been to travel and be adventurous, but even dreams change and this time it’s driven by the soul. So this chapter of my life is a work in progress and for now at least the mountains are calling and I’m keen to see where this path leads and how far I can go. So I’m thinking … why not! Just give it a go! I can at least try … that’s all I can do. So here’s to exploring, to dreaming big and aiming higher:

  • ASIA

So here it goes  … fingers & toes.